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We specialize in Hybrid Website technology

What exactly is a “Hybrid” website? We take the best features of a website, blog and social media and combine them to make a hybrid website. A lighter, less expensive, and easy to maintain website.


We use primarily use WordPress, but also use Joomla, Shopify or Webflow, the coolest and most flexible Content Management Systems (CMS) around. Our best solution is hand-coded Bootstrap 4 combined with WordPress, like our very own website!

Originally built just for blogging, WordPress can power just about any type of site, and it’s rich in Web 2.0 and multi-media capabilities.

WordPress is a free, state of the art, online platform that is supported by a huge community of developers and enthusiasts all over the world. This means you have the best support by savvy users.

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Hybrid Websites Feature

  • Easy to  layout and edit content
  • Stock photos
  • Pages, as needed
  • BLOG
  • Plug-ins for social media sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hybrid Webite, to start,  integrated with a shopping cart and social media elements to increase your inbound marketing flow (getting found by people using Google, social media, and blogs)

Why? Because, shopping online has changed. 15 years ago, people used to SPAM you silly and it worked – At least at first it did. Direct mail, TV advertising, radio ads, trade shows all worked too. Until people got sick and tired of being interrupted with traditional outbound marketing messages and blocked us out!

Now, people primarily shop and gather info from Amazon, niche websites, the almighty Google, blogs, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, Instagram, YouTube and others)

Advancing to a HUB

Way back in the early days of the WWW, it was built to be a collaboration tool. But, marketers took over and use it to broadcast their sales messages with a megaphone.

Today, successful websites have built communities of living, breathing collaborators for your marketplace. It’s not what YOU say, it’s what OTHERS say about you.

The goal to enhance Google Rank, as well as overall targeted traffic, is to create a multimedia triangle. For example, it could be your core online store, YouTube, and your daily blog.

To learn more about Advanced Hybrid Hubs, Contact Us.

That’s the beauty of WordPress, if you need to add on anything, there’s a really good chance and plug-in is available and all you’ll/we need to do is install it with a couple clicks. Really, really easy.

I perform maintenance for my clients and charge a modest hourly rate or block of time. You can hire me to produce your newsletter for you each month, or perform other administrative work. Most updates or changes that take less than 2 minutes are not charged. Many large websites like, news magazines, run on WordPress so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever grow out of it.

Yes! WordPress started out as a robust, exclusive blog platform to compete against, Blogger. Over time, third-party developers around the World extended WordPress’ features and it has become one of the best CMS’ on the web.

1-3 hours is usually what it takes in the beginning, but our conversation is on-going. We may chat several times a week, daily, or only once a week. I try to work by your schedule.

Yes! I will work with you over the phone and provide online training (if necessary). There are 100’s of YouTubers and Channels dedicated to WordPress and web design training.

If you live in Central Florida, I can visit your home or business location, if you prefer, to provide 1:1 training for just $75/hour – usually purchased at a discounted package rate.

Just call or send a text message to: (321) 305-1651 or email business@leesburgflwebdesign.com

I am currently developing a client area that I’ll use for project management and that is my preferred method of communicating during the site development. Once you see it, you’ll understand why! All communication is logged, files are organized and everything in its place!

WP Engine takes the guesswork and stress out of maintaining your website with managed WordPress hosting. From monitoring and security to server upgrades and troubleshooting, managing your own WordPress hosting means taking time and energy away from other important projects.

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WordPress themes for a competent developer is just a starting point. Themes save a lot of time laying out generic pages and functions, such a contact pages, blogs, testimonials, photo galleries, etc.

Leesburg FL Web Design uses and is an affiliate of both Envato ThemeForest and from StudioPress – Themes .

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