Planning A Business Picnic at Venetian Gardens

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Small Business picnics can play a vital role in showing employee appreciation, strengthening workplace bonds, and boosting morale.  

Company-sponsored picnics tend to be a more casual affair, but there are still a lot of things to consider during its planning stages. We hope that you find the following ideas helpful to plan your next Leesburg Venetian Gardens Park picnic:


Small business outdoor picnics are generally laid back, however, keep your guests motivated by going above the norm.  It’s going to take more than paper plates and grilled chicken! A park is always available and is a budget friendly choice. Venetian Gardens Park / Ski Beach connects through walking trails and islands and has plenty of parking. Look into Renting a Gazebo!

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Choosing the perfect date is one of the most important steps when planning an outdoor picnic. Check the local weather reports! Try to avoid Summer mid-afternoons for obvious reasons. Take care not to choose a date when other local city events take place and of course not during major holidays. For better attendance, weekdays are best, since many employees may not want to give up their free days.


Try spicing up invitations, since this is the first action that usually takes place. Create an event page on  Facebook and use other social media platforms, like Twitter to post photos and reminders . On Facebook, employees can use it to RSVP and connect with each other before the picnic even begins. A sweet brick and mortar idea is to  deliver candy bars or healthy treats with the invitation printed on the wrapper or on card stock within its basket.

Other Guests?

Of course all employees will be invited to your business picnic,  however, think about whether you will extend the invitation to spouses and children. Keep in mind, attendance will be higher if you involve family and you will also reap more benefits in the way of loyalty and appreciation.

Theme it!

This is a perfect way to make a business event feel new and different every year. Themes can be especially important if your company picnic tends to be in the same location each year. Themes are a lot of fun and can be incorporated into the invitations, decor, and even the menu.

Some theme ideas to consider: Tiki/Island, Oktoberfest, Western, Alfresco, Dress-down, Mardi gras, and the latest Movie trend … use your imagination and take a vote!


Decide upfront whether the business picnic will be catered, pot-luck, or company-provided. They each have their benefits. Catering is easy on your employees, but can be tough on the company budget. Company-sponsored grilling is a cheaper alternative, however KNOW your employees and provide alternative dishes, such as Vegan or Gluten-free. Pot-luck is the least expensive option and allows everyone to contribute a dish, usually with much diversity.


Incorporate team building!  Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational, but also enjoyable. They help the team learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun.

Many times the venues have activities that go hand in hand, such as fishing on the lake or swimming at the beach. Also consider less physical activities like scavenger hunts, trivia contests, and bingo with fun prizes. If your business picnic is themed, you can easily base activities around it with things like hula lessons at a luau or midway games at a fair themed picnic. Don’t forget to have kid-friendly activities planned, as well!


Door prizes is one portion of the day that everyone looks forward to, usually at the end! Go for quality over quantity, based on your recent successes.  Having a few amazing door prizes beats having tons of item no one wants. Consider items like gym memberships, Amazon or local restaurant gift cards, electronics, and Orlando park passes. The possibilities are endless.


Leave a lasting impression on your employees by booking local talent and entertainment. The entertainment will most likely be the highlight of your event, so choose wisely.  Find an act that people will be excited and talking about long after the picnic ends. Be sure the act is family friendly, if children are invited,  because the little ears hear everything!


Hopefully these business picnic  ideas will send you on your way to planning an awesome corporate event. Above all else, HAVE FUN and just be sure to plan an outing that people can’t wait to attend!