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It's more than Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords in your Meta Tags!

We’ll formulate your Meta Tags and will research Keyphrases and keywords that will help search engines find you. Our’s exclusive “Side-Door Keyword Marketing SystemTM uses keywords based upon who is using your website vs. what industry your website is placed in. This equates into more targeted traffic, providing you with the greatest return on its investment, and money in your pocket.


Keyphrases are phrases that potential customers are using to find products or services on search engines and the foundation of any search engine marketing strategy.

It is essential that a Keyphrase List is developed carefully, or else the remainder of your marketing campaign, no matter how effective the implementation, will likely be in vain.

Our Search Engine Optimization consists of the following:

Developing a Keyphrase List:

One of our representatives will come to your business and get a plausible in-house Keyword and Keyphrase List and compare that to real world external Keyphrase lists that the average customer would use. We get this information though specialized software that gathers information from Search Engines about the searches conducted by real people.

Usually, small business owners are sure that they already know their ideal keyphrases . Often, they are wrong. This is typically because it is very hard to separate oneself from a business and look at it from the perspective of a potential customer (rather than an insider).

We know this from experience because we assumed that our prospective clients would be using terms like “web design firms in orlando”, but to the contrary we soon realized that the most popular Search Term is “Orlando web design”.

Once we gather the “outsiders list” we will add your own specific phrases and also add keyword variations, such as plurals and mis-spellings of the phrases on your list.

Evaluating Keyphrases

Once we have compiled a master keyphrase list, we evaluate each phrase to weed your list down to those most likely to bring you the highest amount of quality traffic.


Leesburg FL Web Design determines search phrase popularity by gathering your business-specific phrases from performing 20 actual search engine searches for like businesses. We then perform keyword density analysis to determine which keywords have a high search volume with lower competition.

We then have an assigned concrete popularity number to each phrase to use when comparing them. Obviously, the higher the number, the more traffic that can be expected once we are able to get your web site rankings in the top positions.

However, from our experience, this number alone is not good enough reason to pursue any particular keyphrase and must consider other information. Most other Web Design firm’s Keyphrase Analysis does not research any further and leave you getting hits, but no sales from the activity.


This is more common-sense than popularity numbers, but equally important. For example, let’s assume that you were able to obtain great rankings for the keyphrase “casualwear” (good luck!). Let’s also assume that you only deal with making Bloomers. Although “casualwear” might have a much higher popularity figure than “colorful bloomers “, the first keyphrase would also be comprised of people looking for dresses, sweat shirts, and caps.

In the second, longer keyphrase, you will get a higher percentage of visitors looking for what you offer – and the change of the word “colorful bloomers” will attain higher rankings, since the longer term will be less competitive.

Motivation of User

This factor, even more abstract than specificity, calls for an attempt to understand the motivation of a search engine user by simply analyzing his or her search phrase.

What motivated you to conduct your search? It is most-likely that you have a website and you are not getting the traffic you desire so you wanted to do some research on how to use keywords and keyphrases, hence you found us by typing in some form of keyword optimization or meta tags into your favorite search engine.

Evaluating Keyphrase Performance

Once we establish which keyphrases to use in your website, we will work with you to change the page copy to match the Meta Tags and Head Content’s keyword list , description and title. All of them have to work together to ensure high rankings.

Once your website is re-published after its Meta Tag and Keyphrase optimization we’ll let it sit for 3 months and the re-evaluate your customer’s behavior once entering the site.

New software makes it possible to periodically analyze which keyphrases are bringing your site the most valuable visitors – those who buy your products, fill out your contact form, download your demo, etc.

Using your server statistics, we will be able to determine which pages need to be changed and maybe even deleting whole sections if noone is reading it. Most importantly, we can re-adjust your keyword lists and swap phrases to give you a competitive edge.

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Web Site Optimization is an ongoing process, but it will definitely make a difference in your bottom line!

Keyphrase compilation, evaluation, and performance are essential for any search engine marketing campaign. High rankings for poor keyphrases will consistently deliver poor results.

Leesburg FL Web Design integrates this keyphrase process into your overall search engine marketing strategy which can dramatically improve your website performance. Pricing Starts at $75

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